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Custom Sizing

To order a custom size not available below, email us the requested dimensions and we will submit you a price at our earliest convenience.

Standard Sizes

Images are printed on archival heavy weight art paper, using
pigmented inks, finish print has 2inch boarders top and sides, bottom
boarder is 3inches. All prints are pencil signed and thumb printed for
authenticity. Prices are factored on the longest dimension at $11.00 an inch.
example a 16X20 inch print would be factored on the 20 inch size 20 X $11.00 =
220.00 US dollars foreign currencies could be factored less. $5.00 shipping fee is added to the final cost automatically.

Size Range Price Print Description and/or Number
* x 12" $137.00
* x 14" $159.00
* x 17" $192.00
* x 20 " $225.00
* x 24 " $269.00
* x 36 " $401.00


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