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FEATURING, a new line of work.... by Curtis Salonick. The card will be offered in an edition of 500, the number of unique cards that will represent a deck is inconclusive at this time. The front panel of each unique edition will display a human emotion. The back panel of each unique edition will display the same image through
out the deck. The introduction of future card editions will depend on market factors. A special single sided card containing only the image that represents the deck as whole may be offered if warrented at $5.00 each.
The introduction and prices of future cards will be dependent on market forces. To be notified of future card releases please E-mail, including phone number and/or address.

The introductory price for first card is $15.00 (5"x8") includes shipping
Each card will be hand signed and thumb printed.
Artist Curtis Salonick

Card 2
Front Panel

Back Panel

Back Panel


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